Micropelt Production Halle (Saale)

Production at Halle (Saale)

The fab is located in the Eastern German city of Halle, creating 16 new full time jobs on 720 square meters of floor space. Volume ramp-up and multi-shift operation is also targeted for 2015, such that the strongly growing demand for thermogenerators (TEG), thermoelectric Peltier coolers (TEC), and fast thermal sensors can be covered.

Micropelt at Weinberg Campus

Business Development sees significant opportunities in various markets: More and more OEMs and users of wireless sensors leverage energy harvesting power supplies to avoid battery maintenance and extend power budgets. Sensing applications use the effect of Micropelt thermogenerators acting as a huge thermopile in terms of signal and as a very small one in terms of speed – both at the same time. Fritz Volkert, Micropelt’s CEO, makes optimistic conclusions despite the gloomy economic trend: “Our products support the strong long term trends of sustainability, efficiency and optimal resource utilization in many ways. We have planned our first fab for 120 wafer starts per week, good for up to 10 million devices per year. And we are prepared to scale up.”

Sputter equipment

Sputter equipement

Micropelt at Weinberg Campus

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