Radiator Valve

Micropelt iTRV

Micropelt intelligent Thermostatic Radiator Valves (iTRVs) communicate with thermostats via standard radio protocols enabling intelligent temperature management down to single room control. They eliminate the need for wiring and replacement of batteries.

Micropelt iTRV with thermostat

The Micropelt iTRV operates autonomously and is powered by thermal energy harvesting alone. It is easy to install on new radiators or retrofit on existing ones. Once installed it automatically interacts with intelligent thermostats allowing precise single room temperature control with zero maintenance.

Inside every iTRV is a Micropelt thermogenerator which converts temperature differences from the hot radiator and the ambient room temperature into electricity. The thermogenerator starts to produce usable power at temperature differences from as little as 4 K, thus eliminating the need for batteries or wiring.

iTRV functional graph

iTRV Technical Specifications

  • Energy harvesting starts from 4 K temperature difference
  • Operating throughout the year due to internal energy storage
  • Automatic sleep mode during summer period processed by room controller
  • Transmitting range of approx. 30 m in buildings
  • Compact design in small size: 59 × 64 × 59 [mm] (w × h × d) and weight: 260 g
  • Sleek aluminium housing
  • Valve-Thread: Standard: M30 × 1.5, others via adapters
  • Carrier frequency 868 MHz (ISO/IEC 14543-3-10)
  • EnOcean Protokoll EEP A5-20-01 (valve position in %)
  • Protection: IP4X according to EN/IEC 60529
  • Ambient temperature during operation: 0 to 50 °C

The » Declaration of Conformity is available as a PDF (302 KB).


Additional Features

The Micropelt » thermogenerator is the core element of the iTRV. The thermogenerator converts the temperature difference between the radiator and the ambient room temperature into electrical energy. Our efficient power management circuitry stabilizes, stores and manages the voltage, which drives the actuator as well as the wireless communication.

The energy-friendly actuator design including gearbox control and motor, as well as the ultra-low power electronics, keep the energy consumption at a minimum. Therefore the Micropelt iTRV allows multiple adjustments each day and communicates regularly with the room thermostat.

The Micropelt iTRV is equipped with a rechargeable storage element to store surplus reserve energy for times of lower input power (e.g. in the transition months in spring and fall). In summer the Micropelt iTRV enters into sleep mode and wakes up again automatically as soon as the heating is turned back on.

Since February 2015 the iTRV is in serial production.


How it works (Video)

Explosion Drawing

iTRV inside