Micropelt Industrial Sensors – mNODE

Micropelt mNODE

Micropelt mNODEs continuously monitors temperature in busbars and power distribution systems.

mNODE Infrastructure

The Micropelt mNODE is powered by inductive energy harvesting, converting stray magnetic fields into electricity, thus removing the need for batteries or wiring. Its compact design allows easy retro-fit for busbars, switchboards, motor control centres (MCCs) and other power distribution systems. Once installed it requires zero-maintenance thus minimising downtime.

The mNODE installation is easy to configure with Micropelt’s proprietary software. The software collects and analyzes sensor data of the electrical infrastructure using trend analysis. It therefore identifies defects at an early stage before major damage occurs.

Electrical Infrastructure Breakdowns

mNODE breakdown without

Permanent monitoring of temperature in electrical infrastructure enables early detection of defects before major damage occurs. Higher than normal temperatures are indicators for future breakdowns. Typical causes of infrastructure overheating include:

  • Bad junctions
  • Deterioration of insulation material
  • Corrosion of conductors
  • Breakdown of cabinet fans or air-conditioning
  • Overload through excess current

Micropelt mNODE

mNODE Technical Specifications:

  • Temperature measurement range of 0 – 150 °C
  • Automated monitoring, 24/7, ready for PLC/BMS or SCADA visualisation
  • Inductive energy harvesting powered from stray magnetic fields
  • early start from 50 A current (at busbars from 10 mm thickness and 30 mm width)
  • Robust data communication through license free IEEE 802.15.4 radio
  • Insensitive to other mNODE sensors operating in close proximity
  • Compact design in size 40 × 40 × 26 [mm] (l × b × h) and weight approx. 60 g
  • Non-conductive plastic housing
  • Universal spring clamp for easy attachment
  • R&TTE 1999/5/EC Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive Standards: EN 301489-1, EN 301489-3, EN 50491-5-1/10, EN 50491-5-2/10, EN 300440, EN 62479

The » Declaration of Conformity is available as a PDF (320 KB).

mNODE principle

NODE Server Features:

NODE server principle

  • Remote access (LAN, WiFi/WLAN, Modbus/TCP)
  • Trend chart of temperature data
  • Alarm on exceeding user-defined limits
  • Latest sensor data readable from CSV file
  • External antenna to receive sensor signals

mNODE software