Thermoharvesting Wireless Sensor

TE-CORE /RF is a fully functional, low-cost, self-powered wireless sensor node, designed for evaluation and prototyping. It measures and transmits temperature and voltage data in a 2/sec duty cycle for a virtually unlimited amount of time – without batteries. All power needed for its operation is harvested from excess or waste heat. Heat is taken from the surface the device is mounted or magnetically attached to. Thermoelectric conversion is done by a single Micropelt TGP thermogenerator device.



  • 2.4 V, 0.1 to 10 mW thermoharvesting power after DC Booster
  • Detachable wireless sensor board
  • 2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.15.4, Zigbee compliant
  • pre-qualified and certified RF module of IMST
  • SPI, I²C, JTAG and configurable I/O interfaces
  • User programmable

Modular Structure Allows

  • detaching the wireless sensor module
  • adding storage capacity
  • adjusting output voltage and charge hysteresis
  • varying the heat sink for power vs. form factor optimization
  • firmly embedding the harvester module for prototyping

Explosion view TE-Core /RF

Powerful Evaluation PC Software

  • USB receiver for wireless connection
  • Tracking of temperature difference over any amount of time
  • Harvesting voltage and power display
  • Simulated storage charge tracking
  • Duty cycle and power budget simulation
  • Battery benchmarking

Software TE-Power Scope


A datasheet of this module is available as a » PDF document (2614 KB).