Micropelt Thermogenerators


thin MPG-D651, MPG-D751 chip stack

Using the proprietary Micropelt technology we manufacture also thin film thermogenerator components, and not only » Peltier cooler chips. Thermogenerators are current sources which convert heat (temperature differences) into electrical energy. The thermogenerator consists of leg pairs of n- and p-type material. Each leg pair generates a certain voltage. And again those Micropelt thermoelectric components are very small compared to devices using standard technology.

The voltage (U) generated by a thermogenerator is directly proportional to the number of leg pairs (N) and the temperature difference (ΔT) between top and bottom side times the Seebeck coefficient (α), so

U = N × ΔT × α.

Micropelt Thermogenerator Principle

With the Micropelt technology more than 100 leg pairs are possible on a square millimeter.

Thin film thermogenerator with 578 leg pairs, n-side

» Energy harvesting (or energy scavenging), sensors and wireless communication are typical applications.

We focus on devices in the mW range rather than large scale power generation. Results for the MPG-D602 device with 450 leg pairs follow below. A heat load of around 1 W is applied.

Generated voltage versus temperature difference

maximum power diagram

Micropelt Thermogenerators

MPG-D655 and MPG-D751

We provide support for mounting the devices in existing environments.